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  • Marketing Acronyms & Abbreviations You Should Know

    Nowadays, acronyms and abbreviations are used on the daily, whether it’s “OMG” or “LOL”, it’s used in our everyday language…I mean even my dad uses them too.  But have you ever come across marketing acronyms & abbreviations during a meeting or at work that you just can’t figure out what they mean? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there before so we’ve compiled a list of basic marketing acronyms & abbreviations you should know! BR: bounce rate There can b...

  • Work Smarter, Not Harder… Our Working From Home Tips

    This pandemic has forced everyone to adopt an agile working style especially since we’re all working from home. And yes, working from home has its pros, I mean no more myki top ups, the boring commutes to work or trying to squeeze into the train carriage because no one wants to move into the middle of the carriage…. But! Because of this,  many people might feel the pressure of having to work more to keep their jobs safe and the line that draws between everyday life and work life bec...

  • A Local Carlton Gem: The Lincoln

    Who is The Lincoln? The Lincoln may look like your average Carlton pub, but this historic venue is anything but. The Lincoln first opened its doors in 1854 and is one of Melbourne’s oldest pubs! More recently, The Lincoln has seen a revival when it was taken over by Iain Ling (previously manager of MoVida) and his wife Stella, who have a knack of making anybody feel right at home in their space. The Lincoln is an award winning pub- they’ve won Australia’s Pub of the Year in various industr...

  • Sate Meals: how they rose to success

    Who is Sate meals? Sate Meals, a sister brand of Sate Foods, is a Kensington based company. Operated by two chef brothers, they focus on delivering delicious restaurant-quality meals. Their target consumers are individuals or groups who are time-poor, may not be confident in the kitchen, or those who simply want to be able to enjoy high-quality food in the comfort of their own homes.  Challenges Entering a saturated market with 32 different brands who are also competing to deliver ready-to-...

  • 8ight Oranges: A Year in the Making

    Who is 8ight Oranges? If you’ve been following TANG Australia for a while, you’ve probably heard the name “8ight Oranges” come up quite often. But if this is your first time hearing the name, let us introduce ourselves.  We’re 8ight Oranges – a digital agency sown from the seeds of the TANG Famiry tree. This Friday marks our 1st Birthday so we wanted to showcase some amazing content & marketing we’ve been juicing up for the past year! What do we do? 8ight Oranges is yo...